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Our Mission

 At the age of 17, I enlisted in the Army to make a difference & fight for our country. I served over a span of 8 years. I served as a Staff Sergant on a few tours including Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Once back on American soil, I joined the law enforcement community. Still going strong after 10 years, but never felt so saddened by how our thin blue line family has been treated than now. One night my wife,  Angelica and I sat on our couch in awe at the national news across each and every channel.  All we saw were police riots, abuse towards my own and truly upsetting images of the insane disrespect towards my brothers & sisters in blue.  We decided we wanted to make an impact and contribution so we created Blue Angel Coffee. Yes, we offer high quality specialty coffee and cool merchandise but it’s so much more than that!

Law enforcement is tough. Our families in law enforcement face many struggles financially, emotionally, and mentally.  It’s simple, we believe in the leave it better than we found it model. 

  • There are infinite ways we can make an impact
  • Financial contributions to pro police non-profits
  • Raising awareness to issues in law enforcement
  • Providing encouragement and inspiration
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • And so much more

We believe in the compounding effect of small good deeds leading to a big impact. We invite you to bring our coffee into your home, work place to help fuel our mission with your help. We couldn't do it without you! Support our small, family run business by sharing our story and helping us get the word out to make a difference in the LEO/first responder community. 

We are all going to leave a mark on this world, we want to leave a mark by lifting each other up.

This is our mission from our family to yours.


Joshua Rios              


Company Overview

A small family, military veteran & law enforcement owned coffee company that believes in leaving a positive footprint in the first responder community.  

We do this by providing high altitude specialty coffee dedicated to law enforcement and first responders. We use a portion of the proceeds to make contributions to nonprofits, families and law enforcement events. Additionally we use our presence on the internet to promote law enforcement in a positive light, while contributing to one good deed at a time!

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Joshua Rios
Joshua Rios is a military veteran, law enforcement officer turned entrepreneur who guided by the principles of always be committed to your family, lifting others up rather than pushing them down, and always start with a giving heart.
We are dedicated to providing resources and emotional support to law enforcement officers and their families, and serving as a positive voice for law enforcement in the community.
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"I'm a coffee junkie, like a real bad addiction to coffee .....and I try coffee from everywhere. From small coffee carts to big coffee chains to small company's online...I try coffee. I am consistently coming back and buying BAC, from K-Cups to bags of whole bean, I always have some on hand. Thank you BAC!!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Amazing coffee! So good, full of flavor and great taste! The sweetest owners too! It's so nice to have a great coffee that supports our law enforcement community rather than supporting these big chains. Keep up the great work and we will keep buying and telling all of friends and family about you!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I am a repeat customer due to the excellent customer service and the high and superb quality of the coffee and products. I will continue to be a customer. Thanks for all that you do!"
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