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Back the Blue, We need your help

Back the Blue, We need your help


Back the Blue, we need your help!


Are you tired of commercial establishment being anti-law enforcement?


I know we are! It is time for the thinblueline and its supporters to turn to each other for help!


We are on a search for meaningful partnerships.


We've put together high quality specialty coffee just for law enforcement. See specialty coffee isn't like that mass produced coffee at the deli or gas station.


"Specialty coffee must possess at least one distinctive attribute in the body, flavor, aroma, or acidity.  Must be free of faults and taints.  No quakers are permitted.  Moisture content is between 9-13%."(

This means we use high quality coffee and we only use the top 1% of coffee beans. We are not messing around we only want kick ass coffee for our Law Enforcement Community!

Through our amazing partnership our coffee is Grade 1, high altitude, 100% Arabica beans. We roast in small batches and have a Q Grader on staff who samples and selects all of our coffees to ensure that we have the highest quality coffee beans.

We are ramping up operations for Blue Angel Coffee Co. for the big official launch. Part of our core mission is to give back so we are turning to you, help us find people and or organizations within our law enforcement / first responder community that we can create long lasting relationships with. If you don't know by now, I need to tell you that this is a Law Enforcement Owned company is dedicated to helping our community. Many people in the law enforcement community have stepped up and created non-profits/organizations to help wounded heroes, the families of fallen officers, mental health, marriage enrichment, k-9 non-profits and so on. We want to be embedded in the community that gives back to the law enforcement and first responder heroes. 

Join us in our mission. Help us make meaningful connections. Visit our website join our family and buy bag of coffee. You will be happy you did.


P.S. Enter the grand opening coffee giveaway on our website!


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