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Powerful Benefits in Coffee

Powerful Benefits in Coffee

Everyone loves coffee, right? After all, it is the world’s most consumed beverage, next to water. But, something that not many know, is how healthy coffee actually is for you. There have been numerous scientific studies done to show the disease preventing properties of coffee and how caffeine can stimulate and enlighten the brain.

The benefits of coffee goes way back to when it was first discovered in 800 A.D when a goat herder discovered coffee by observing his goats. A monk soon met this goat herder who shared with him some of this crude coffee. The monk found that this stimulating drink would help keep him and his fellow monks awake during long hours of prayer. This is also one of the first documented cases of coffee and its positive effects.
As far as diseases go, the amino acids found within coffee beans helps prevent quite a lot, from type 2 diabetes different kinds of cancer. There was a study in Australia that found substantial evidence that consuming coffee on a regular basis can help prevent type 2 diabetes, as it is jam packed with antioxidants that prevent free radicals from oxidizing cells, and it helps the body process sugar.

Coffee is also found to help prevent strokes and heart issues, as it has been linked to lower the chances of an irregular heartbeat, as well as abnormal heart rhythms. It was shown that drinking one to three cups per day can lead to as much as a 20% decrease in chances of being hospitalized for heart related issues.

Now while this sounds all find and dandy, how can coffee help prevent one of the most widespread and devastating diseases, cancer? While drinking even a gallon of coffee a day will not help certain types of cancer, it can assist in preventing liver cancer, and can even undo the damage of alcohol on the liver.

There used to be a belief that Turkish style brewed coffee would act as an aphrodisiac, stimulating the nerves and increasing blood flow to certain areas of the body. It has also been said that Turkish coffee can also cure erectile dysfunction.

These speculations do in fact hold some salt. This is because coffee increases heart rate and causes slight vasodilation, which will make blood flow faster and harder throughout the body.

Coffee has also been linked to increase concentration and alertness in people across the world. There is an idea in psychology that shows how grouping or associating things together can help recalling them later on, such as listening to a song can trigger memories. One of my psychology professors would constantly say, “neurons that fire together, wire together,” and this is especially true in the world of coffee. If, for instance, you drink coffee while studying for a test, and then you have the same type of coffee before a test, or during if you are allowed, you are likely to remember more than you would without the coffee. But why use coffee as a trigger to remembering things? I am sure you have had someone tell you to chew the same gum during a test that you would chew while studying. There is a difference though, coffee, because of the caffeine and other nutrients, will act as a memory stimulate far better than chewing a piece of gum would.

Maybe one of the most shocking benefits, is how coffee is such a mental stimulant, that it can help kids with ADHD focus, when given a small dose. About 11 years ago, “The Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology” did a study that proved how children who have ADHD, when aided with coffee, were able to solve a maze quicker than lab rats, as well as children with ADHD who had no coffee intake prior to the test. Note: It is NOT advised to give children any sort of caffeine without the advice of a doctor.
The benefits of coffee are almost limitless, be it its ability to prevent diseases, help increase alertness, and help steady marksmen, all the way to the social atmosphere that coffee creates. So go ahead and have a cup or two, it will help more than you think!

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