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10 ways to reuse your coffee grinds

10 ways to reuse your coffee grinds


 Learn how to reuse your coffee grinds


You just finished a hot cup of delicious Blue Angel Coffee and head back into the kitchen to clean up, pack up lunches, feed the dog and throw away the garbage. Think again before you chuck your AM coffee grinds! I’m an avid do it yourself “er” so when I started researching natural skin care remedies….surprisingly coffee was at the top of the list!  I told my hubby to start saving me his daily grinds in order to make some body & facial scrubs. After researching for coffee scrub recipes I learned that we could use coffee grinds for more than just scrubs!  Hope you too can start reusing your grinds today!


Fertilizer-When you have to get rid of the grinds from your coffee maker, don’t think of it as garbage. Instead, think of it as fertilizer. The coffee grounds are chock full of nutrients that will help your plants grow.


Deordorizer- Place an open container of leftover grounds in your fridge or freezer to neutralize odors! No need to buy boxes of baking powder for that job anymore!  Better yet leave in a room or even car that needs deodorizing.


Scour your pans- Makes a great abrasive cleanser for hard, caked-on dirt. Just make sure not to use it on ceramic or other dishes that stain easily. 


Deodorize hands after cooking- Keep a little cup of coffee grounds near or under your sink, and rub a handful of them on your hands after chopping garlic, onions & other smelly things. The grounds will absorb the odor!


Unclog sinks- With coffee grounds, boiling water and a little dish soap, you can unclog your bathroom and kitchen drains.


Wood Stain- Mix oil and coffee grounds to mask scratches in many shades of wood. 


Tenderize your meat- Using coffee as a spice for a meat rub will tenderize it and add a smokey flavor.


Remove dark circles/ puffy eyes- Just like coffee wakes YOU up in the morning, it can also wakes up your face by reducing puffiness and tightening skin


Body Scrub- Their coarse texture and crisp, rich scent make recycled coffee grounds ideal for exfoliating skin. Add 1 part grinds to one q part coconut oil and scrub dead skin away!


Coffee Facial- Create a DIY face-mask paste by mixing together coffee grounds and olive oil. Massage into skin and rinse after 30 seconds. Coffee grounds have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties while olive oil works to moisturize skin for a glowing complexion.


Stay tuned for our next blog post on how to make DIY skincare products infused with coffee grinds!


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