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43 Relationship Tips for Cops by Cops

43 Relationship Tips for Cops by Cops

Those who wear the uniform are a funny and weird breed especially in law enforcement. We spend countless hours with fellow brothers and sisters in uniform for years but we rarely talk about our relationships and the troubles that we go through. We rarely even give others suggestions or advice of great things you can do with your significant other to improve your relationships.

We protect our personal lives and affairs from the people at work. We are very cautions of possible gossip that may occur from divulging our personal affairs. We depend on each other in life and death situations but we still remain distant and closed off in many aspects of our lives.

Within each of us we are sitting on a wealth of information that others can benefit from. Recently I received amazing input from dozens of professional with uniformed experience. They provided me with their insights, problems, wins, and advice in relationships.

This is advice comes from veterans and officers who have been on the roller coaster of ups and downs in relationships. I know this will serve young officers and couples in general well during their career.

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  • Communication, Communication, Communication- Listen and talk to your spouse
  • Do not argue in front of your children, speak privately where they cannot hear
  • Don't be too stubborn to make the first move to reconcile
  • Don't go sleep on an argument
  • Do things together because when the kids grow up you will still have each other
  • Live for today
  • Be sensible with money but don't spend life wishing "if only I'd done that"
  • Don't jump to conclusions
  • Don't forget to laugh
  • Concentrate on your family life and not just hanging with fellow co-workers
  • The job is a job, personal life comes first
  • Rely and put faith in your family and children
  • Remember why your with your significant other before choosing work over them
  • Back off the on job mentality 24/7
  • Have hobbies and interest with your significant other to build your relationship
  • Don't tell your spouse what you "think" about the law and what should be done all the time
  • Have an open mind
  • Dedication, Loyalty, and Honesty are not just words, live by them
  • Before we get home at the end of the shift we have to learn to unwind, do an adrenaline dump, and control your emotions.
  • Your loved ones cannot control your problems and stresses from work so don't take it out on them.
  • Train in your relationship as you train to fight on the job
  • Find ways to relieve the stress
  • Don't be afraid to lean on your family for support
  • Don't breathe new life into old arguments
  • Remember it takes a special person to marry a law enforcement officer
  • Don't get frustrated if your spouse cannot understand cop talk or cop problems
  • Remember that you work to provide for your family
  • Our job is noble but our family comes first
  • Commit the time to stay dedicated to each other
  • Make a "Bucket List" together
  • Post your current and past adventure on board where you can see them often
  • It's not this job that is toxic for marriages, it's us. We are.
  • Significant others should research and understand the position of a police officer.
  • Knowing the details of hectic schedules and the emotions a police officer can go through will make significant difference
  • Talking is the best remedy
  • Heated argument, walk away
  • This goes with out saying----->Do not assault or threaten your spouse
  • Work through issues and difficult times as a team, not like two ships passing in the night.
  • Don't let anger and resentment build. Stay away from negative outlets and an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Law enforcement will change in who you are your beliefs in society, and how ability to cope with horrendous situations. This change will affect those around you.
  • It is essential to take time daily to de-compose, and tell your "other" that you need this alone time at the gym, sport, being quiet, or even meditation.
  • You need to communicate with your "others" tell them what you are doing, seeing, experiencing, what you need, and what you are feeling. Take the time to listen and really hear what your "other" needs and is experiencing. If you shut down you have no chance in making your relationship work.
  • Reassure your wife and family constantly


  • Hold on to your religion and or your spirituality

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