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Cops and Coffee

Cops and Coffee

Cops and Coffee, what could be more natural?!

Many police officers survive and thrive on the nectar of the gods known as coffee. After years in the military and in law enforcement, I grew a strong love for great coffee.
After years of drinking the mud water coffee the military dishes out and gas station/ 7-11 coffee, I knew there had to be better quality coffee.
Much to my surprise I learned there was a grading system for coffee and many things contributed to an amazing cup of coffee.
After learning about the different aspects of coffee to include growing, roasting, brewing, etc… I realized I want to create coffee that was dedicated to people just like me, the first responders of the world, while at the same time creating a delicious and fun experience for anyone.
We decided to use only grade 1, 100% Arabica beans, that could be graded as specialty coffee. So we launched and started with the Colombian Roast and quickly expanded Italian, Breakfast Blend, and French Vanilla.

We have generated a lot of buzz around our coffee dedicated to working class heroes and because of it, people began to ask us to create merchandise, so we did.
As of now we have a few different collections such as coffee meets thin blue line, death before decaf, make coffee great again and a few more.

 We created this company humbly and we ask for your support. Check out our shop at

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