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Podcast interview with ProudPoliceWife.com

Podcast interview with ProudPoliceWife.com

Who better to kick off our LEOW podcast series than one of our favorite bloggers in our Thin Blue Line Family, Rebecca from Proud Police Wife. This past week we had a chance to chat about being a LEOW, balancing work & family, her blogging journey and MORE! Her little one was even kind enough to provide some sound effects in the background LOL!  Excited to feature more creative, strong, and supportive wifeys in the near future :)  STAY TUNED!!!!

Rebecca is a blogger at Proud Police Wife, a site dedicated to uniting law enforcement wives and families through support, motivation, and encouragement. Rebecca is a fellow police wife that enjoys finding ways to embrace the law enforcement lifestyle. Follow Proud Police Wife on Facebook for her "Bulletproof Tip of the Week" and much more!



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