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The Art of Detecting Deceptive Behavior

The Art of Detecting Deceptive Behavior

A Detectives Point of view

As a Detective, I'm always looking for ways to improve my craft. From street cop to a detective, the art of interviewing and interrogation is a continuous learning process. Unlike in movies and television, we often don’t have insurmountable evidence of a crime, or the ability to have forensic results in hours, or use physical force for a confession!

We want to hone our ability to detect deception through analyzing the words people are using or not using when talking to us. We want to have a keen eye for the non-verbal cues people often show us without even knowing.

It doesn’t matter who you are talking to in the course of an investigation, you must keep in open mind that person maybe not be telling you the whole truth. They may omit facts, deflect the questions, lie about something non-case related that they don’t want you to know and so on.

The art of detecting deception is a craft that we can all fine tune and you don’t have to be in law enforcement. Law enforcement officers gain experience in this craft through sheer repetition in engaging with the public. At this point in my life, I can watch interviews if there is deceptive behavior.

I suggest everyone in law enforcement works honing this craft. Now there are great courses out there that people can attend to increase their skills in this arena, which I have done. Nevertheless, I have found great books right on Amazon that offer world-class information on the art of detecting deceptive behavior. 





I know your lying paperback book

I know your lying is by “Mark McClish is a retired Deputy United States Marshal who spent 26 years in federal law enforcement. From 1991 - 1999, he taught interviewing techniques at the U.S. Marshals Service Training Academy which is located at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. During his nine years of teaching at the training academy, he conducted his own research on how people respond to certain questions. He found that people will often lie in the same way. Likewise, people will tell the truth in a similar fashion. He calls his method for examining a person's words Statement Analysis®. He currently gives presentations on Statement Analysis throughout the United States and assists law enforcement personnel in analyzing a suspect's statement.”

Spy the lie and Get the Truth paperback book

Spy the lie and Get the Truth is by former CIA agents and bestselling authors of Spy the Lie, Philip Houston, Mike Floyd, and Susan Carnicero are among the world's best at detecting deceptive behavior and eliciting the truth from even the most accomplished liars.

I know you won’t be disappointed in investing in these books. Grab a cup of Blue Angel Coffee and one or all of these books and hone your skills. This a call to all cops, sheriffs, detectives, investigators, corrections, interviewers, etc... to sharpen incredible tool in your arsenal.

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