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About us

Great coffee fueling our men and women of law enforcement and first responders

       High Altitude

       Grade 1

       100% Arabica

       Small batch roasting

       Better taste profiles

       Q-Grader- sampled and selected to ensure highest quality

... and what does all that mean?? It means we believe that you deserve high quality kick ass coffee that is dedicated to jump starting your tour of duty.

Not only are you going to benefit from good F-ING coffee you will also become part of our mission of giving back to non-profits and pro LEO/ first responder organizations.

Oh and not to forget you will be supporting a small business, owned and operated by a Law Enforcement Officer and Military Veteran.

So let me introduce myself.... I'm Josh the founder & creator of Blue Angel Coffee Company.  I'm a simple, working class dude just like you. I'm a military veteran & law-enforcement professional for many years. While I spent a great deal of time doing both of those things, I've always dedicated my time to entrepreneurship and drinking coffee to no end!

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